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Seed Of Life Wise Crackers - Tomatoes

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Seed Of Life Wise Crackers - Tomatoes

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Seed of Life Wise Crackers - Tomatoes (Made in Macedonia)

  • Brand: Seed of Life
  • Sold by: Ichigo Global Llc
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We bring you organic, raw, and “guilt-free” snacks with a unique blend of seeds and spices, in the form of crackers . These delicious crackers are gently-processed with the purest allergy-free ingredients and without sugar or harmful additives. They are raw, vegan, gluten-free, Keto-friendly, Diabetic-friendly, Celiac-friendly and packed with vitamins, enzymes, and omega 3.
These circular crackers are a low glycemic index food that curbs your cravings and produces long-lasting peace of mind away from those hunger urges. Replace your potato chips and pita chips with these for snacks appetizers or on-the-go mini-meals for your kids. Enjoy these with hummus, tzatziki sauce, bean dips, cheese, or just plain out of the bag! It is as close as you can get to regular comfort foods we consume on a daily basis, minus the nutritional compromises.
  These healthy snack bombs are air-dried, which means the manufacturing process gets an A+ rating from our side for being planet friendly!  This product was developed with a focus on helping consumers achieve a healthy lifestyle, while remaining eco-friendly.

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