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Returns & Refund Policy

  1. You have the right to return or exchange product(s) in the following cases (without any return fees):
    • You have received the wrong product.
    • You have received a damaged product.
    • You have received an expired product.
  2. If you changed your mind: you can return the product(s), each non-defective product according to the above conditions.

Return Terms:

Product(s) must be returned in all previous cases with the same delivery agent unless you receive an expired product that may be returned within 14 days and you will not be charged any return fees.

In all other conditions, return charges (for a non-defective product) to the delivery company has to be paid by you.

Contacting Us (arrange a Return).

You may contact us through email (, social media, or on the Site.

Your Refund:

  1. For delivered products, we will refund to you the product amount in full.
  2. For returned products with the delivery agent, we will refund or replace the returned product at your request without any return fees.<br>
  3. For products that are returned due to your change of mind and which have already been shipped, we will refund the full product value less the return fees.<br>
  4. For products that have not been shipped, you are entitled to receive full value if the purchase order is canceled.<br>

Refund Procedure

We will issue a refund to you depending on the method you used for payment, as follows:

  1. If you paid by credit/debit card, you can choose to have a refund by credit/debit card or to your wallet.

Refund Timescale

Your refund will be initiated once your product is received back in our customer fulfillment center and inspected by our team, and the final refund will be received by you as follows:

  • if the refund is to your credit/debit card, within thirty (30) days from the day on which we receive the product back in our customer fulfillment center and inspected by our team;
  • if you have canceled your order before shipping, an automated refund will be provided back to you.<br>