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Lemon Ginger- With Brown Sugar Added :: 10 Sachets Of 20 G Each In A Box

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Lemon Ginger- With Brown Sugar Added :: 10 Sachets Of 20 G Each In A Box

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Lemon Ginger (Brown Sugar Added)

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Lemon Ginger : Product Facts


Country of Origin : Malaysia

Type: Healthy Powdered Drink. 10 x 20g sachets in one box

Color : Light Cream

Preservatives / Sugar : No Preservatives / Brown Sugar Added

Season/ Duration of cultivation: Available all season


Pour one sachet in 150ml hot/cold/warm water, stir well to drink. Add as part of mocktails and to juices to give extra flavour and a healthy twist.

Product Description:

Lemon Ginger is powdered health drink which is natural and comes without any added sugar. Made from the best natural Lemon and Bentong Ginger from Malaysia.

Health Benefits:


Pandemic era is bringing in a lot of frustration and stress on to people. What we all need is a hot, cold or warm cup of Lemon Ginger to bust the stress! It doesn’t stop there; Lemon Ginger also helps in weight loss, better digestion and boosts immunity. For ladies, it helps in reducing menstrual discomfort. 


This product is on stock clearance sale. Product expiry is in August 2021.

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