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Beautyin Beauty Drink - Collagen Matcha Flavour (300G)

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Beautyin Beauty Drink - Collagen Matcha Flavour (300G)

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Beauty’In Collagen Beauty Drink (Sugar, gluten and lactose-free) Matcha Flavored (Made in Brazil)

  • Weight: 300.00 gm
  • Brand: BeautyIn
  • Sold by: The Global Group Llc
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Powerful combination against ageing. Cris Arcangeli and BeautyIn have just brought in is the association of COLLAGEN + HYALURONIC ACID! A combination that has a boosting result in the treatment against flaccidity, wrinkles, and expression lines/mark. Contains 280 grams of collagen. Net weight 300 grams. Yields 30 portions Free of sugar, gluten and lactose. Powder hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid based food supplement.

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